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Our Complete Roofing Process

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Our multi-layer roofing system is designed to protect your roofing investment, your home, and your family for a lifetime.


Each layer is there to further protect your roof from the elements. Learn more below!

Roofing Construction Company Stafford VA
Roof Repair Replacement Stafford VA



GAF's Lifetime Shingles provide both style and 

dependable performance. They come in a wide array of colors to suit every style, and add protection, value, and curb appeal to your home!

Roof Repair Replacement Stafford VA



The Leak Barrier layer prevents leaks in the most vulnerable areas of your roof caused by roof settling and extreme weather. It also helps protect your home's walls and ceilings from leak staining. 

Roof Repair Replacement Stafford VA


Starter Strip

Starter Strip Shingles tightly lock your shingles in place to help reduce the risk of shingle blow-offs from wind.

Roof Repair Replacement Stafford VA


Roof Deck

Roof Deck Protection provides a strong, durable, and breathable barrier against wind-driven rain.It helps prevent moisture from entering under your shingles which can lead to mold, mildew, and structural damage.

Roof Repair Replacement Stafford VA



Cobra  Attic

Proper attic ventilation prevents unnecessary damage and extends the life of your roof. Our system allows heat and moisture to escape and fresh air to enter, creating the perfect air flow for optimal energy efficiency!

Roof Repair Replacement Stafford VA


Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap Shingles are the finishing touch to your roof. They enhance the beauty of your home white guarding against leaks at the ridges.